REBNY Goes Green, Gets Behind PlaNYC

The Real Estate Board of New York started running television commercials yesterday in support of PlaNYC. REBNY is arguably the most powerful interest group in the city. While not specifically mentioning congestion pricing in the ad, REBNY did quote former President Clinton saying in relation to the mayor’s plan: "The longer I wait in traffic, the better I like it."

  • rhubarbpie

    Pretty lame ad — hope there’s something better coming my way. Just plays into a message that the powerful know what’s good for us, rather than addressing real questions that possible supporters want answered. But what can you expect from REBNY?

  • rhubarbpie

    Make that “…something better coming OUR way.”

  • AD

    I’m surprised something like this hasn’t happened sooner.

    Broadly speaking, principles of environmentally friendly building construction — high density apartment and commercial buildings close to transit — are exactly the kind of thing that New York developers and building owners would find profitable. Even without being LEED-certified as “green,” New York buildings are a wonderful thing for the environment.

  • I applaud Congestion Pricing and wish it would come everywhere sooner than it is. The connection between Congestion and Real-estate is clear. Congestion Pricing further increases the relative value of downtown property as people move closer to work. If congestion pricing is coming to your downtown, buy now.
    I discussed this at under the story Move to avoid road tolls? 2007/02/23


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