Bloomberg Says He’ll Veto Pedicab Bill

Speaking on his weekly radio show on WABC, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced he would veto the City Council’s legislation capping the number of pedicabs in the city at 325:

However, the mayor also said he may be amenable
to a revised version that simply raised the cap on the vehicles, known
as pedicabs. He suggested 500 as a limit.

had supported the pedicab regulation measure as it moved through the
City Council. But during a bill signing ceremony on March 14, he
postponed his decision after hearing arguments from a group of pedicab
drivers who said the proposal would cost them their jobs.

"Let the free marketplace decide," Bloomberg said Friday during his weekly radio show on WABC.

Loeser, a spokesman for the mayor, said that Bloomberg did favor the
bill’s measures that called for basic safety and insurance regulations
for pedicabs.

The mayor acknowledged it’s
likely the City Council could override the veto, but urged citizens to
lobby for a cap removal or one that’s higher.

  • hooray! a step in the right direction. now let’s see we can get a new bill allowing pedicabs on bridges and in bike lanes…and no outlawing of electric assist.

  • anon

    The AP is reporting that Quinn plans to override his veto.

    She said: “We need to establish clear rider guidelines and passenger rights, and make sure pedicabs don’t clog our streets or endanger pedestrians.”

    Riiiiiiiight. Because as we all know, the biggest menace to pedestrians is pedicabs. What a crock. Pedicabs actually calm the streets and make them safe for pedestrians. And she wants to limit them.

  • l

    Can anyone, especially Quinn, provide an example of a pedicab harming a pedestrian or causing a major accident?

  • ddartley

    Anon, spread your smart message around.

    and to all NYC readers, continue to remind your Council Members that they now have a chance to take out the lousy provisions from the bill, rather than defend it in its current, 1950s-mindset draft in an override fight.

    And make sure to tell them that you support Bloomberg’s environmental sensibility in the face of their lack thereof!

  • Boogiedown

    “(T)he mayor also said he may be amenable to a revised version that simply raised the cap on the vehicles, known as pedicabs. He suggested 500 as a limit.”

    “Let the free marketplace decide” indeed.

  • Jake

    Not to be cynical, but isn’t this 300 license cap purely the work of the taxi lobby? I went to a hearing about the pedicabs and a taxiworker lobbyist was practically beating his chest and boasting that the yellow taxis are ‘new york’s only legal form of hail taxi,’ or something like that. Why is this? I’d love to look at the next round of campaign finance disclosures to see how many council member’s campaign accounts are enriched by this override. I believe this is Quinn’s first since she became Speaker.

  • nimby pimby

    The real problem, though, and the one that will allow this veto to be overriden, is that New Yorkers do not take pedicabs. These are almost entirely products for tourists. If many of the constituents of Quinn and the other City Councilmembers actually took pedicabs and this cap would restrict their access to them, the taxi lobby wouldn’t matter. I don’t know if it’s a problem of the pedicab drivers and how they approach/charge people or a cultural one among New Yorkers. But until that changes, the pedicabs, cap or no, will have virtually no impact on making this city more environmentally friendly and less congested.

  • galvoguy

    what is the formula for required liability insurance?
    Why are pedicabs going to be required $2 million in insurance and taxi remain the same at $350,000?

  • boon doggle

    Agreed that the pedicabs need to start thinking about cracking into the locals market rather than just tourists. That will get them some support.

  • Indeed this is a good start. Pedicabs are the step towards a future generation of green transportation. Unfortunately this bill and the vicious attitude towards cycling and environment it promulgates shows just how interested certain parties really are in our future well being as citizens.
    Many pedicab operations and future buisness interests are on the precipice, with this bill deciding how the chips fall for eco-friendly devoplement. It may interest people to know there is great interest in expanding cycle livery, pedicabs, and mass cycling transit to general new york markets and outer boroughs within the industry. Local manufacturing is a thought also. Too bad we won’t be able to bring them over the bridges even if we aren’t capped…a cap means zero pedicabs for the outer boroughs, and a real missed opportunity at small buisness infrastructure growth citywide.


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