Google Staff Get On Their Bikes


The Guardian reports:

Google is improving its green credentials by offering all of its employees a free bike to ride to work.

The bikes, manufactured by Raleigh Europe, will be offered to around 2,000
permanent employees of the search engine giant in Europe, the Middle
East and Africa. All of the bikes – plus free helmets – will be branded
with the Google name.

"We think that these amazing bikes will help Googlers keep fit and
healthy, get to know their city better and reduce the environmental
impact of their journey to work."

Photo: D-SIDE/Flickr

  • galvoguy

    why not nyc?

  • jr

    this is certainly a nice gesture on their part, but it sort of distracts one from the fact that probably nobody rides a bike to their main campus in mountain view which is basically an appendage of a highway (101)… they do offer employee shuttle service though… so that’s something

  • jr: Wha? Hundreds of people ride bikes to the main campus. The hallways are full of bikes.

  • jr

    cool… i got the impression people ride their bikes and whatnot ON campus but not necessarily TO campus… maybe that’s not the case… certainly not trying to diss google or their efforts

  • dreamon

    It would be great if NYC employers did the same thing like Whole Foods. Really big employers like JPMorgan Chase and city government would have substantial impact.

  • Nice. Free advertising plastered to your employees brain. Go forth Googleland employee and multiply – just don’t get splattered by the M15 bus.

  • meleze

    next G8 on bike


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