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  • ddartley

    Re: NJ Cop

    Wait–The Times headline calls it a crash, and Streetsblog’s headline says “accident?”

    Re: Cops/Critical Mass in AMNY

    Anyone see the print edition? Same New York story, but the photo was from D.C. and the caption says, “Critical Mass members create a traffic jam during rush hour in 2002 in Washington, D.C.” It takes a lot to compel me to defend Critical Mass, but AMNY’s insightful journalism gets the job done.

  • Metro Reader

    Sarah — start reading Metro.(You can see it online) It was the only paper that covered the City Council hearing on Intro 199/Better goals for and measuring of traffic. Gotham Gazette included this as one of their news summary items today.

  • Your link got broken.

    I’ll try it again to reduce the cut-and-pasting needed.

    (I saw this via the excellent Eye-Opener email from Gotham Gazette.


  • Seems like we’re in a weird place with accident/crash terminology. The seat-belt=death story from today’s carnage report has this line:

    “A state police senior investigator said the crash, which officials described as an apparent accident, was under investigation. The agency declined further comment about the crash.”

    Is that supposed to convey that the driver had not consumed alcohol, and otherwise it would have been cold blooded murder? I guess I was out the day everyone got together and decided that was a rock solid argument that should be enshrined in American English.

  • AMNY and the NY Post carried yesterday’s Council hearing too. An account of the city’s testimony there warrants its own thread on Streetsblog.

  • working on it…..

  • da

    I ride the Brooklyn CM pretty frequently and once found myself at the head of the ride, heading westbound on Bergen St. in Boerum Hill, with an officer on a scooter next to me.

    Mostly by way of conversation, I said I was thinking of heading left on Court St. down to Carroll Park, and then looping back up Smith St.

    “Hey man,” he said, “it’s your ride!”

  • Anony

    Actually, Indymedia reported on the Brooklyn Critical Mass the day before StreetsBlog.