Today’s Headlines

  • steve

    Additional story-Smolka out?,0,7552866.story

    Could this be the reason for the delay in implementation of new “parade” rules?

  • ABG

    Good on Damien Newton of Tri-State for pointing out New Jersey’s double standard: God forbid a politician should touch gas taxes or turnpike tolls, but transit riders get fare hikes every couple of years. Too bad the Times didn’t follow his hint and lay this at Corzine’s feet.

  • The chauffeur story is rich: “I got the letter, but I don’t really have any feelings about it one way or the other. It’s kind of boring. It’s about cars and parking.” The same thing is happening in the burbs, but without chauffeurs. My mother can not WAIT to retire from professional SUV door opening (formerly known as teaching).

  • Steve

    Yeah, I love the chauffer story. An example of effective and appropriate public shaming. These parents ought to consider whether they are creating a public record that will someday embarass their kids (like the Grubmans did).

  • ddartley

    The kiddie chauffeur story deserved its own post. I hope someone gets a responding letter published in the Times adding to the school official’s reported statement that idling cars posed a safety risk–someone should tell these parents that it also poses an environmental risk, and a health risk, not just in that area, but to any New Yorker who chooses to breathe.

    (I’d submit such a letter myself, but, as a backhanded boast, I used up my apparent “only one publication allowed in three months” shot with a useless letter about Iraq.)

    Plus, I got another suggestion for those parents: “The consensus from parents . . . is that time is scarce and they need a full-time driver themselves anyway — to get them to work or appointments. “Plus, I live on the West Side,” one mother said.” GET A BIKE!!