Streetfilms: Curbing Cars in Soho

You’ve got to hand it to Clarence Eckerson. The producer of Streetfilms managed to turn around a video of this morning’s press conference announcing the new Bruce Schaller study of Soho streets (PDF) in less than four hours and it’s a really nice piece of work. My only gripe is that he edited out the taxi cab blasting its horn in the middle of Schaller’s talk. Anyway, here is video of this morning’s press conference including lots of great, weekend footage of Soho streets:

Curbing Cars in Soho
A Streetfilm by Clarence Eckerson
Running time: 3 minutes 25 seconds

  • Media Boy

    And I would argue his footage he used wasn’t even the worst I have seen, especially in the December holiday season. I haven’t bought anything there just for that reason.

  • Brian

    I’ve been hoping for this for a long time. I cheered the first time i saw Contested Streets and heard Penalosa mention shutting down Broadway to traffic. I also brought this up at BP Stringer’s transportation conference in the pedestrian break-out session. I know something will happen at some point, just not soon enough.

  • da

    Fantastic work, Clarence.

    The aerial long shot of the clogged street at 1:12 in the video is amazing. I thought it was a photograph at first. But if you look closely, you can see people moving although the traffic is completely stopped for the entire length of the street.

  • Some of this footage is stunning. AND REALLY IF there are only 9% of people coming in private cars to the area, why hasn’t the city done anything to make it better for pedestrians?? This REALLY pisses me off…

  • Sproule

    Wow. All that only four hours after the event. Impressive. Well, we know why NYC hasn’t made areas like this less conducive to driving…because the auto-industrial-municipal goverment complex is CALCIFIED. Hopefully a lot of decision makers will see videos like this. I don’t know how anyone could argue against it. Great work.

  • Clarence


    Indeed. That is video. And I have some more I might get around to posting this weekend that I found that has even more ridiculous scenes, but since I had a time crunch putting it together yesterday I didn’t include.

    Heck, I’ll just put this out here while posting – if anyone has great locations and/or access to overhead shooting of the most congested places in NYC, please let me know at:



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