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    How stupid is it to drive directly into a crowd of people???



    From what I see (and you don’t see all of it), I see a guy jumping on the front of the car *from the side* (which means he didn’t get “shoveled up” or anything), and people hitting the car, all within seconds. The driver is not driving quickly either.

    Who tries to “push back” a *car* anyway? How stupid is that?


    Lee Crandell

    If you push me with your car, that’s incredibly threatening. Remember, a car can easily be as deadly as a gun. If you point it at me like that, you better believe I’m going to take that as an attack.


    Lee Crandell

    Seriously? The driver is encased in a metal bubble, unlike the girl whose bones he crushed. If you think that’s fair punishment for breaking a rule of the road, you’d be better company in China. I suppose next you’ll say it’s fair whenever a driver shoots another driver for failure to yield right of way.



    this view shows the initial reaction of the protestors to simply be an attempt to stop the car.


    Lee Crandell

    Of course they panic and bang on the hood when a driver starts to plow a car through a crowd of people! And it really doesn’t matter if they’re illegally blocking the street and unfairly inconveniencing people — it is NEVER okay to use your vehicle as a weapon to threaten people to get out of your way. This homicidal idiot belongs in prison.


    Chicken Hammer

    You call them ‘protesters’ if you like @niallhuffman:disqus but I’ll continue to refer to that mob as the bunch of bipedal parasites they are. If they had made better life choices they might better understand how a 2,000+ pound car will always win that fight.



    What are you talking about?

    The longer video zooms in at 0:12 at which point he already has two people sitting on top of his car, obstructing his view. The girl has her back to the car and trips, landing in front of the car at which point he *stops*. That’s when all hell breaks loose and people start smashing the car.



    How does that even follow? If there’s a car accident, they close the road, that’s an acceptable reason to turn around and find another route, but human being in the road, To hell with them, Roadkill, I’m glad you value Human Life at all.


    Chicken Hammer

    And maybe he should have stopped at the ATM on his way to empty out his bank account and ‘redistribute’ his wealth to them too?



    They didn’t really attack initially, they tried to push the car back, non-harmfully. If you watch the view from behind the car.



    A Bicyclist wouldn’t be stupid enough to try 99/100 times. They would easily divert around it because they are very maneuverable.



    “For the purpose of running people over”
    How do you know that? You don’t. You can tell he’s trying to get through there, and if people were acting sanely, they would let him pass and not *jump* on his car. Only after that happened, did he actually run over the girl. That is how it happened, you can see it in the video. You can point out he didn’t take the detour, but to say he didn’t take the detour to *harm people* when you *can’t know* whether that is the case, *that* is a lie.



    Driver could have thrown it into reverse and avoided all problems. The driver is an imbecile for trying to drive into a crowd.



    I concur with that assessment, in the up close views, the people are pushing the car back, or trying to, they aren’t “beating on it” they’re leaning into it trying to prevent it from going further into the crowd.



    When you hit me with a car, I hit back, I don’t care what speed you hit me at.



    Reverse, U-Turn, Find another road. NBD. PEople do it all the time for trains, accidents, etc. you are never guaranteed a free and clear roadway.



    How is it nonsense? I already said, he is an idiot for trying to drive through there. He is trying to get down *that* road, the cars taking the detour are taking left turns. Is that what he should have done also? Yes. That’s *his* mistake. The crowd decided to attack him, that’s *their* mistake. And that’s when he panicked and ran someone over.

    This is an accident caused by people acting like idiots. It’s not attempted murder or anything.


    H L

    the point is, he shouldn’t have HAD TO swerve, reroute, or anything if he is on a paved marked STREET… From what it looks like, they needed to turn RIGHT, the entire crowd, is either on their right, or in front of them…. all the detoured traffic, is going left… if they don’t want to go left, why should the driver be forced to change their course due to an unauthorized, and unorganized protest?!?!?! They didn’t realize their error, and then was crowded on, yes, even BEFORE the run-over incident… 2-4 people are banging on her hood, it’s PLAIN AS DAY in the full video as well…So yeah, I can see doing the same thing, by assuming “Oh crap, I am screwed because i needed to turn right, and now all of these people are pissed and banging on my car, GOTTA GO!”



    Nonsense. He turned into the crowd as opposed to even attempting to drive around them like the four other cars in the video did.



    You can clearly see FOUR cars detouring around the crowd and him deliberately turn into the crowd for the purpose of running people over. Anyone who can’t plainly see that, is a liar.



    Just looking at the lower video, that guy was clearly being attacked before running over anyone. The girl was unlucky because she had her back to the car, but the driver literally had people jumping on his car front at the time. He probably didn’t even see her.

    Sure, the driver is an idiot for thinking he can just drive through angry protestors. But the protesters are also idiots trying to attack a car, instead of clearing the way from bystanders. Of course he is going to panic and run someone over! *You* wouldn’t act any different if you believed people were about to drag you out of the car and beat you, maybe to death. You’d do anything to save your life, instinctively. Don’t forget that you *are* legally entitled to use deadly force when your life is threatened. That’s the law, whether you like it or not.

    And of course, if you file a report to the police, they are going to refer to you as the *victim*. What else are they to do when they know nothing about the situation? When the girl files a report, she’ll be referred to as the victim, as well.

    People need to cool the f*ck down, because that’s what gets people killed: Outrage -> angry people -> panicked people + guns everywhere -> someone gets killed -> more outrage…



    looks like attempted murder; again lives matter , more than your personal agenda


    Chicken Hammer

    He did it on purpose because he was fleeing for his life from an angry and violent mob @disqus_TqQ3d9L58b:disqus Please pull your head out of that stinky hole buddy.



    No, he should have stopped before getting close to people. He shouldn’t have ever gotten anywhere near them. he should have waited for them to pass, or reversed, turned around and gone a different way.


    Chicken Hammer

    The cure for mob violence is CS gas, water cannons, and bean bag rounds.


    Chicken Hammer

    He went through the mob ahead of him as the mob to his right began rushing his vehicle @alexfrancisburchard:disqus Pull your head out and get a clue.


    Niall Huffman

    Ridiculous. The driver precipitated the entire incident by attempting to drive into a crowd of people. He left a place of safety behind the white car and deliberately drove into the thickest part of the crowd, with the intent of frightening them into jumping out of his way.

    Some of the protesters overreacted, I’ll grant that. Hard to blame them after seeing someone threaten other human beings with a two-ton piece of heavy machinery.


    Chicken Hammer

    My country @julian_francisco:disqus not yours! Feel free to leave or STFU.



    Is my drivers license sufficient to allow me to use deadly force every time I perceive danger, or do I have to be in a car before I do it?


    Chicken Hammer

    @niallhuffman:disqus The driver was under attack and had he waited we’d have another Reginald Denny story to read about instead of a story of dodging death by mob violence.


    Chicken Hammer

    Thanks for the excellent graphic @disqus_DCepqeI2Ae:disqus I’ll keep an eye out for something nice for you.


    Vadim Konkov

    He could have turned around and detoured. He chose to act agressively and hit the people. Watch the video, dumbfuck.


    Faithful Sentinel

    They put the driver in danger. He did the right thing. Protestors don’t make the rules. Roads are for driving.



    Geese actually don’t always get out the way bro


    Glenn Scott

    There is no reason to call the author and blog manager such names.

    Go Away.


    Niall Huffman

    I think it’s pretty clear that the car’s front end is nearly in contact with the first few people in the crowd and still moving forward before anyone starts striking the hood or windshield. I admit, the brief blip in the satellite feed obscures the driver’s approach to the crowd, but there’s a moment between that blip and when people start swarming the car where the driver gets *very close* to the crowd and continues moving into it, and only after that do people start hitting the car.

    Re: “nudging up to the crowd” and “attacking” the car: the car weighs 3000-4000 lbs. Even slight, low-speed contact has the potential to knock someone down and cause serious injury. The people “attacking” the car at the beginning of the incident might simply be trying to get the driver’s attention and tell him to stop.


    Niall Huffman

    A perfectly viable option, for a motorist or bicyclist, would be to wait for the crowd to move on or be dispersed by the cops. You’re trying to make me believe that it would have been hours or days before the roadway was cleared, which is just nonsense.



    You, who wrote this article, are the problem and the cause of all the crap going on right now. Minor injuries is not the same as women getting crushed. Stop inciting anger and tell the truth you douchbag.


    True Freedom

    Well, if I were the driver, I would have u-turned. However, nudging up to the crowd does not give people the license to attack the car. If they did (what appears to me) attack the car, the attack precipitated the driver gtfo. Neither of us can see all the detail from the video, so enjoy your version.


    fred rubble

    An illegal u-turn is the only viable option. Motorist or Bicyclist.


    Niall Huffman

    So the driver should have waited for everyone to get out of the way, or for the cops to physically remove them from the roadway, instead of intentionally driving at them.

    I am not ‘making up’ the obligation of a motor vehicle operator to exercise due care for the safety of others and only proceed when it’s safe to do so. That’s the law in all 50 states.

    Watch the second video carefully. The driver starts out stopped behind the white car, drives around it, and heads directly for the crowd of people, *continuing to move forward* even after reaching the edge of the crowd. He used his car in a deliberate attempt to intimidate and threaten other human beings in the hopes they’d be scared enough to get out of his way.

    What reaction a hypothetical person on a bike would have provoked is irrelevant. It would have been nearly as irresponsible and reckless, and certainly a bad idea, for someone to attempt to push through this crowd on a bike. But that’s not what happened here.


    Fred Rubble

    You are making things up for the entire first paragraph, likely intentionally. that’s par for the course regarding political ‘discourse’ in the USA. I will not address such nonsense.

    I am saying exactly what I wrote.geese will get out of the way, humans are intentionally obstructing traffic and will not move. The purpose for these people standing there is to obstruct. Do you think a bicyclist would have been able to filter through that crowd without being intentionally pushed over or worse for trying to?

    As to the crowd dispersing, yes eventually they’ll have to eat or need to sleep or die of old age. So what of it?


    Niall Huffman

    I’d say the second video is pretty conclusive. The driver started out stopped behind the white car, then drove around it and directly into the crowd of people. Nobody “rushed” the car until after the driver reached the edge of the crowd and attempted to push his way through it.



    Cities around the world give tickets to drivers who travel through red lights. The reason for that is the increased danger of severe injury when people do not follow the rules.

    You seem to be advocating that there should not be tickets handed out for people driving through red lights. The reasons you give are that drivers are adults that can make responsible choices, we don’t want tickets to handed out for those that run red lights, this would somehow create a nanny state and giving tickets to people that run red lights would not increase safety.

    Clearly cities around the world have made a bad mistake for decades of ticketing drivers for running red lights according to your logic.


    Fred Rubble

    A goal of this manipulation is to get people to react emotionally like you just did. That is to shut down their critical thinking and lash out by accusing people of defending horrible people when all they did was be critical of the manipulators.



    Seems like after every time there’s a USA sports championship team crowned, a mob hits the streets, flips a car and sets it on fire. Such behavior is reprehensible and I abhor it.

    But reading about that driver intentionally trying to kill that girl… Wish that sports-celebration mob was there that night…


    Niall Huffman

    I really, really hope this is a poor attempt at satire. Are you saying it’s acceptable to treat human beings like animals? If a motor vehicle operator is being inconvenienced, that does not make it OK for him/her to use the car to intimidate, threaten and assault another person. Those of us who drive have an obligation to exercise due care for the safety of others and wait until it’s safe to proceed, regardless of the delay it might cause us. Being impatient is no excuse.

    The crowd would eventually have moved on or been dispersed by law enforcement; the few minutes of delay the driver would have suffered do not justify his acting in a manner that was likely to cause serious injury.


    Brandt Hardin

    Black Friday is the sport of the American Lunatic & wages war on Thanksgiving. How absolutely insane is it that people would fight and injure one another for the sake of saving a dollar. Every year, there are casualties as folks are literally trampled to death over electronics and jewelry in this dystopian game. Big Business has created a manic hysteria out of shopping which is immoral and irresponsible. Santa is now the mascot for Corporate Greed and he’s suffering the consequences at the hands of a very disgruntled Thanksgiving Turkey at


    Fred Rubble

    Looking at this at full screen he is driving slowly up the crowd as someone is crossing closer to the car than the main mass. Instead of stopping that person continues walking forward, apparently intentionally running into the passenger side fender. This person then begins to pound on the hood. More people turn towards the car and that’s when driver just goes.