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    Good for him. If you are going to stand in the road blocking traffic you deserve to be hit- simple as that.


    Havinggoodtime Incaliforniafun

    Ummmm yes idiot he should be suspended indefinitely.


    Havinggoodtime Incaliforniafun

    Idiot shut your slow butt up And the 7 up Votes are trash like you.



    Not all police reports are posted on-line. Perhaps the quote is from what the reporter read from a paper copy.


    Lew Ojeda

    “Here’s the only information the MPD would offer, from a police report (emphasis ours): “The victim‘s vehicle was damaged by a large group of people. While he was attempting to flee from the mob, he struck a pedestrian.””

    PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK TO THIS. It’s very important to those who are not following, not part of this or not informed to learn about this themselves. If you don’t provide credible proof that the police report said this, it’s just hearsay.



    Watch the video alexfrancisburchard linked:

    The driver is approaching the crowd at less than walking speed. That’s clearly *not* how you attempt to commit vehicular homicide. The pedestrians are trying to stop the car from *passing*, if anything. Some do so by jumping on top of the car hood, after which the driver accelerates. The girl trips and lands in front of the car, at which point the driver *stops*. Only then does all hell break loose, and all bets are off.

    *Your* ex post facto reasoning is no better than mine. You see a couple of people trying to prevent a “vehicular homicide”. I see a couple of people trying to be tough guys, to defend their “territory” – at the cost of endangering bystanders. I’d say my reasoning is more plausible than yours, but you can believe what you want.


    C Monroe

    So he drives right thru the heart of the protest.


    Richard Turnbull

    Wait — he is reported to have told the investigating officers was fleeing “the mob” — you could be on to something here!


    Richard Turnbull

    Clearly the prerequisite is either a sociopathic amorality amounting to a reckless disregard for human life, a sufficient degree of intoxication, mindless stupidity, or possibly some horrific trifecta consisting of parts of all three.


    Richard Turnbull

    The Mental Defective’s Amoral Theory of Morals, in full internet howl.



    You really seem like a ridiculous person.


    Influence Freedom

    LOL. You are likely trolling, but if you are blind, you obviously do well enough to respond to internet comments. As far as being offensive, oh well I cannot worry about every person who feels offended.


    Richard Turnbull

    It might STILL be charged as attempted murder — it’s also impossible to know what injuries he either intended to inflict when he first decided to drive through a crowd of people blocking the street, or the degree of reckless disregard for human life present in his mind, assuming he wasn’t actually aiming to kill anyone. It goes beyond simply being an “idiot.” He also has a fairly extensive criminal record involved with operating motor vehicles.


    Juan Estrada

    We can all clearly see from the other perspective in the video below that the licensed (obviously under the influence of major leages stupidity and suffering from some severe case of lack of sexual activity of any sort) primate, drove against the crowd first. Attack on the car? sure! standing in front of the car must’ve felt as an attack on his way to compensate for his half drunken ass dead brain… If you seriously think he’s the “VICTIM” …you gotta chance at job in the MEXICAN GovernMafiament!



    We all know you wouldn’t do anything of the sort. You just sound dumb.


    Richard Turnbull

    No — you can only reach that conclusion by assuming that the people who jumped on his hood were not frightened or otherwise responding instinctively in a way meant to deter the driver’s arguably ongoing attempt to commit criminal vehicular homicide. Only by ex post facto reasoning, in other words, which wrenches the actual series of events out of their context.


    Richard Turnbull

    You actually think that behavior cannot be distinguished?
    Their reaction might be a spur of the moment response to someone attacking them with a dangerous, out-of-control instrumentality — they had NO WAY of knowing the driver’s psychological state, his intentions, or what he planned to do. It’s not remotely similar to what the driver was doing.


    Richard Turnbull

    What if the woman he ran over had a preexisting medical condition and had been killed as a result of driver’s reckless disregard for human life, genius?
    Search “Eggshell Skull in tort law” and learn something.
    The driver was theoretically on even more notice, due to his past history of lawbreaking with his vehicle, that he needed to exercise due care. And you and others make these mealy-mouthed, lame excuses for driving a multi-ton vehicle aimed into a crowd of humans — it’s pathetic.


    Richard Turnbull

    You might be driving into a clear conviction for criminal vehicular homicide — but what do you care about that, right? You can also afford to pay the insurance costs, or be bankrupted when the wrongful death tort suit is settled, in case the homicide charge fails.
    In fact, the more accurate characterization of you and your ilk is too
    intense and obscene to be printed.
    The online comparisons between this demo and the riots in LA following the Rodney King verdict are ludicrous, by the way.



    It’s called civil disobedience and it is the less violent path than rioting to make your voice heard. Honestly, civil disobedience has always felt a bit noble to me. Willing to be arrested to bring awareness to you and your group’s plight without resorting to violence.



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    No to both options. You don’t like what we say here? Go back to Breitbart.



    No the point is, there were two choices. Go around like a sane person would, or barrel through a crowd of pedestrians like a maniac. Your logic is ridiculous.



    If he wanted to get through, he could have sent around the crowd of pedestrians, like all the other cars managed to do. Instead, he decides to plow through a crowd of people, and even as people fall to the ground IN FRONT of their vehicle, continues to hit the gas and barrel through not knowing if they crushed people to death. The only reason for this was to deliberately run people over. Nice try though.



    Good for the driver, I would’ve done the same thing with my van.



    It’s about forcing the public to see your anger, and to try and get them to understand. I was a member of ACT-UP in the late 80s/90s and we fucked shit up, and why? Because our people were DYING and no one fucking cared. If you don’t understand the anger and the NEED to protest then I feel very sorry for you



    Uhh no, he’s a certified maniac for driving over people, for doing something as innocuous as blocking ONE route as part of a protest. A sane, non-sociopathic person spends the extra 60 seconds to take a one block detour. Oh right i forgot, this is ‘MURICA, and we just do whatever the fuck is most convenient for ourselves.



    I guess I don’t understand how blocking traffic is helping. Mostly all it does is piss off people who had nothing to do with the Grand Jury decision.


    Bartholomew J. Worthington III

    I thought Subarus were made of “love”…



    You’re Suggesting that driving into and hitting pedestrians, which is what this guy did, which is also VERY illegal, is a better option than simply pulling a U-turn?



    So, having “drunk driver” convictions that date back over a decade makes you a “certified maniac”?



    The guys jumping on the hood were significantly *escalating* the situation. Also don’t forget, in traffic it’s not just illegal to put other lives in danger, but also your own. Being reckless in traffic can cause you to lose your driver’s license, even as a pedestrian.



    What would you do to them though? The one guy who jumps on the hood, should probably be fined for being an idiot, but, in this interaction, one person has the power to kill and maim, and one person has the power to well, Jump on a hood….. They’re very VERY different levels of harm-causing.



    I don’t disagree. Maybe the same should be true for the people jumping on the car hood?



    Frankly. when you’re that big of an idiot, you should lose your driver’s license. Especially when the context of this particular idiots past behavior comes into the picture.



    Look, there’s no doubt that this guy is an idiot for doing what he did. But he’s not an attempted murderer, he’s not a “maniac”, he’s just an idiot.

    And if you see some idiot coming down your road *slowly*, with a clear intent to *pass*,then *don’t* just decide to jump on his car, just because you feel strong in a crowd.

    That’s precisely what we have here, a couple of idiot particles colliding, causing an *accident*. This happens in our streets every day, killing thousands every year.



    Yes, but there is an ENORMOUS difference between a crowded Street (Like Pike place in Seattle, where its understood to be a shared space) and a protest, where the understanding every reasonable person has is that, the roadway is now pedestrian, and cars are not to cross until they pass.


    Lee Crandell

    This explains it more from the news story. The driver is a certified maniac. Why do we let people like this operate a motor vehicle? “Rice’s driving history in Minnesota includes three drunken driving convictions, with the most recent coming in 2003, according to court records. He’s also been convicted of driving with an open liquor bottle, and driving after his license was canceled and in violation of restrictions placed on his license.”



    In this case, pretty stupid. On the other hand, driving through a crowded street *can* be done, and usually people will understand that they’re supposed to move to the side.



    People who panic tend to move *away* from danger. Instead, we see here a couple of tough guys jumping *onto* the car. The driver was trying to *slowly* get through the crowd, but the crowd insisted on trying to not let him pass.

    As stupid as trying to get through that crowd may be, *the driver* was attacked first.



    How stupid is it to drive directly into a crowd of people???



    From what I see (and you don’t see all of it), I see a guy jumping on the front of the car *from the side* (which means he didn’t get “shoveled up” or anything), and people hitting the car, all within seconds. The driver is not driving quickly either.

    Who tries to “push back” a *car* anyway? How stupid is that?


    Lee Crandell

    If you push me with your car, that’s incredibly threatening. Remember, a car can easily be as deadly as a gun. If you point it at me like that, you better believe I’m going to take that as an attack.


    Lee Crandell

    Seriously? The driver is encased in a metal bubble, unlike the girl whose bones he crushed. If you think that’s fair punishment for breaking a rule of the road, you’d be better company in China. I suppose next you’ll say it’s fair whenever a driver shoots another driver for failure to yield right of way.



    this view shows the initial reaction of the protestors to simply be an attempt to stop the car.


    Lee Crandell

    Of course they panic and bang on the hood when a driver starts to plow a car through a crowd of people! And it really doesn’t matter if they’re illegally blocking the street and unfairly inconveniencing people — it is NEVER okay to use your vehicle as a weapon to threaten people to get out of your way. This homicidal idiot belongs in prison.


    Chicken Hammer

    You call them ‘protesters’ if you like @niallhuffman:disqus but I’ll continue to refer to that mob as the bunch of bipedal parasites they are. If they had made better life choices they might better understand how a 2,000+ pound car will always win that fight.



    What are you talking about?

    The longer video zooms in at 0:12 at which point he already has two people sitting on top of his car, obstructing his view. The girl has her back to the car and trips, landing in front of the car at which point he *stops*. That’s when all hell breaks loose and people start smashing the car.



    How does that even follow? If there’s a car accident, they close the road, that’s an acceptable reason to turn around and find another route, but human being in the road, To hell with them, Roadkill, I’m glad you value Human Life at all.