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  • More Than 40,000 People Were Killed in Traffic in the U.S. Last Year, a 6 Percent Increase (NYT)
  • …Washington State Bucks the Trend (Seattle Times)
  • World Bank Releases New Tool for Measuring “Accessibility” (Brookings)
  • Study: Drivers Less Likely to Stop for People of Color in Crosswalks (NPR)
  • South Carolina Withholding Custody of Four-Year-Old Boy Until Parents Get a Car (WCIV)
  • Dutch Town Adds LED Crosswalks (Engadget)
  • Baltimore City Councilman Wants to More than Double Fine for Parking in the Bike Lane (Baltimore Sun)
  • States Giving Localities Less Aid Since the Recession (Governing)
  • Construction Has Started on New Haven’s Highway Teardown (Revitalization News)
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  • HamTech87

    In the NYTimes article on increasing fatalities, not one mention of the word “pedestrian.” wtf?


Traffic Engineers Still Rely on a Flawed 1970s Study to Reject Crosswalks

When St. Louis decided not to maintain colorful new crosswalks that residents had painted, the city’s pedestrian coordinator cited federal guidance. A 2011 FHWA memo warns that colorful designs could “create a false sense of security” for pedestrians and motorists. That may sound like unremarkable bureaucrat-speak, but the phrase “false sense of security” is actually a cornerstone of American engineering guidance […]

Get Real — Colorful Crosswalks Aren’t Endangering Pedestrians

In the summer of 2014, residents of Tower Grove in St. Louis painted crosswalks with patterns like a fleur-de-lis to add some neighborhood character. Now city officials say the crosswalks should fade away, citing safety concerns. The order comes from new bike and pedestrian coordinator Jamie Wilson, who cites a 2011 recommendation from the Federal Highway Administration. Wilson told The Post Dispatch he […]

Today’s Headlines

Trump Preps for Infrastructure Talk, But Congress Is in No Rush (The Hill) In Texas, A Flurry of Bills Threaten High-Speed Rail (Dallas News) Lyft Expands to New Cities … As Uber Does Damage Control (CNN Money) Why Trump’s Attack on California Rail is Concerning (Wired) D.C. Coalition Pushes For Building More Housing By Transit (GGW) America […]

Sometimes the Safer Street Design Option Is the Less Expensive One

While there are certainly a lot of large-scale obstacles to making the Dallas region more walkable, Mark Brown at Car Free Dallas says there’s also no lack of quick fixes that could improve streets for a negligible cost. One idea is as simple as enhancing crosswalk visibility with paint, instead of the expensive, hard-to-see treatments at some […]

Study: Drivers Much More Likely to Yield to Pedestrians on 20 MPH Streets

On streets where people drive fast, they are much less inclined to yield for pedestrians at unsignalized crosswalks, according to a new study published by the Transportation Research Board. Chris McCahill at the State Smart Transportation Initiative explains the research: The study, conducted in Boston, reveals that drivers are nearly four times more likely to yield for pedestrians […]

Today’s Headlines

In Spite of High-Profile Accidents, Rails Are Safer Than Ever (AP, USA Today) LaHood Praises Bans on Texting Behind the Wheel (The Hill) Baltimore County Exec to Take Reins of Busy Maryland DOT (WaPo, Capital Gazette) Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Streetcar Battles (Charlotte Biz Journal) Zappos Founder’s Project 100 Tries to Get People Out of Cars in Vegas (Good) […]