Talking Headways Podcast: Columbus, the Smartest City in the Land

Josh Lapp, a board member at the advocacy organization Transit Columbus, joins us this week to talk about Ohio’s capital city — how it’s becoming more urban, how its stadiums have been situated to support downtown growth and walkability, and how transportation options like light rail and bike-share are developing. And of course, you’ll hear about Columbus’s winning bid in U.S. DOT’s Smart City Challenge.

  • Interesting to hear Josh talk about how Columbus is adding bike lanes to streets as they are repaved. In Cincinnati, we adopted a bike master plan under the previous administration that called for the exact same thing, and began implementing it. However the current administration is completely against on-street bike lanes so they’re no longer being added as streets are repaved. What a missed opportunity.


Can Columbus Get Its Sprawl Under Control?

There’s a new study out examining the future of Columbus, Ohio, and the results are a little scary. This growing city in central Ohio has an Atlanta-like geography — no physical barriers on any side. And if current development patterns continue, Chris Bentley at the Architect’s Newspaper reports, the region’s physical footprint is expected to more than […]

Columbus Wins $50 Million “Smart City” Grant. What Put It Over the Top?

U.S. DOT announced the winner of its $50 million “Smart City” grant yesterday, and Columbus, Ohio, bested finalists San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Denver for the prize. Many other cities had applied for this federal funding to demonstrate how new technologies can improve urban streets and transportation. In its application, Columbus focused on improving job access […]

Today’s Headlines

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