Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Transportation Platform Recycles Old Ideas — Like Defunding Transit (Politico)
  • Foxx Calls for Tough Safety Regulations on Driverless Cars in Light of Tesla Wreck (LA Times)
  • Transit Was Key in Bringing the RNC to Cleveland, But It’s Under Threat (WaPo)
  • Political Convention Cities Highlight the Gross Inequality Within Modern Cities (NYT)
  • Massachusetts House Okays Bill to Fine Driver $100 for Parking in the Bike Lane (WWLP)
  • Victory: Charleston City Council Votes to Install Bike Lane on Key Bridge (Post & Courier)
  • Lansing, Michigan, May Throw Out Plans for Bus Rapid Transit (WILX)
  • Walkable Cities Have Higher GDP and Education Levels, Study Shows. Why? (BBC)
  • Strong Towns Introduces the “Walmart Index,” Examining Tax Productivity of Big Box Stores


A New Blueprint for Streets That Put Transit Front and Center

The National Association of City Transportation Officials has released a new design guide to help cities prioritize transit on their streets. How can cities integrate bus rapid transit with protected bike lanes? How can bus stops be improved and the boarding process sped up? How should traffic signals be optimized to prioritize buses? The Transit Street Design Guide goes into greater […]

Today’s Headlines

Liberal Think Tank Criticizes Attempt to Kill Federal Gas Tax (The Hill) Biden Talks Infrastructure in Granite City (AP) Key Supporter Flip Flops on California High-Speed Rail (SF Chron) Tampa Transit Campaign Leader Resigns Under Tea Party Pressure (Tampa Bay Times) Dedicated Lanes Helped Pre-War Streetcar Lines Survive (Next City) Three New Jersey Cities Plan […]

Seattle’s Struggle to Keep the Transit in Its “Tunnel Plus Transit” Plan

Back when Seattle and the state of Washington made the (regrettable) decision to replace the aging Alaskan Way Viaduct with an underground highway, the consolation was that the elevated highway running between downtown and the waterfront would come down and make way for a nice surface street with dedicated transit lanes. Proponents of the deep bore tunnel even gave their plan […]