Today’s Headlines

  • Advocates Demand 30 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes in Philadelphia (NBC Philly)
  • Council Members Want “Progressive” Changes to Austin Mayor’s $720 Roads Bond Plan (Statesman)
  • The Link Between Walkability and Growth (NextCity)
  • No Driver’s License, No Job (The Atlantic)
  • Mayor Says Detroit Isn’t Shrinking Anymore (The Dirt)
  • Florida Cop Sued After Having Dog Attack Man for Riding Bike Without Lights (WinkNews)
  • Study: Charleston Bike Lane Isn’t Slowing Traffic Much (ABCNews4)
  • Photo of Car-Filled Bike Lane Angers Richmond Bicyclists (WTVR)
  • SuperQ

    30 miles? They’re demanding 280 miles in Berlin.

    218 miles of that is basically taking many of the small side streets and turning them into “bike-only” roads with exceptions for local access.


Study: To Keep Bicyclists Outside the Door Zone, You Need a Buffer

A new study has found that bike lanes with a buffer next to the parking lane are better than conventional bike lanes at encouraging bicyclists to ride outside the door zone. The study, recently published by the Transportation Research Board, concludes that wider but un-buffered bike lanes aren’t necessarily better than narrower lanes in encouraging bicyclists […]

Four Ways Protected Bike Lanes Benefit Businesses

The question isn’t whether your city can afford high-quality bike infrastructure anymore, say our friends at the Green Lane Project. It’s whether your city can afford not to. The Green Lane Project has been working with the Alliance for Biking and Walking on a study examining the different ways protected bike lanes help local businesses. […]

How a Lack of Respect Can Literally Erase Bike Lanes

We have bike lanes like this where I live, especially after winter: The ones so faded you can barely make them out. Scott Shaffer has noticed this problem in Minneapolis, and he makes an interesting point about it at Network blog That last photo [at right] is right outside the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s office, poignantly enough. […]

AAA Revives Offensive Against Safer D.C. Streets

AAA has been known, at times, to take positions in direct opposition to cyclists’ safety. Then when cyclists call AAA out on it, AAA starts backpedalingfast, assuring us all how much they love people who bike. But the organization is sticking with its ongoing battle against  safer streets for cycling in Washington, D.C. As David Alpert […]