Today’s Headlines

  • Austin Considering Legislation Banning Lingering on the Sidewalk Next to Busy Roads (KXAN)
  • Video Shows New Kansas City Streetcar Being Stopped by Illegally Parked Cars (KC Star)
  • Driver Who Mowed Down Five Cyclists, Killing Two, “Not Guilty” (Bike Cleveland)
  • Visionary Behind the Beltline Tapped to Run “Atlanta City Design Project” (Saporta Report)
  • Iowa Bill Would Require Drivers to Change Lanes for Cyclists (
  • Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise in Minnesota (KMSP)
  • Clash Over Proposed Bus Rapid Transit in Calgary (CBC)
  • Light Rail to Portland Burb Vancouver Revived in Oregon Statehouse (Willamette Week)
  • Americans Wasting More Time Commuting (Washington Post)


Bike Boxes Stoke Motorist Resentment in Seattle

Changes to the street often have a way of irritating people who were accustomed to the way things used to be, but sometimes it’s surprising how seemingly minor changes can set off an angry response. In Seattle, the city’s installation of bike boxes — painted street markings that let cyclists advance to the front of […]

The Problem With “Share the Road” Safety Campaigns

Appeals for courtesy between drivers and cyclists and pedestrians are pretty standard fare for traffic safety campaigns. In London, it’s “Share the Road.” In Utah, they have “Respect is a Two-Way Street.” Is this the best we can do? Robert Wright at the Invisible Visible Man was thinking this over after a taxi driver nearly struck […]

Oklahoma City Weighs 3-Foot Passing Rule — For Cyclists, Not Drivers

Lots of places have three-foot passing laws requiring motorists to give cyclists a safe buffer while overtaking them. Now one Oklahoma City legislator, Eighth Ward City Council Member Pat Ryan, has come up with a new, passive-aggressive spin on the passing law. Local elected officials will soon consider a piece of “safety” legislation that would require cyclists to […]

London Is Going to Ban the Deadliest Trucks From Its Streets

Heavy trucks with big blind spots are a deadly menace to cyclists and pedestrians. In Boston, eight of the nine cyclist fatalities between 2012 and 2014 involved commercial vehicles, according to the Boston Cyclists Union [PDF]. Between June and September this year, there were six cyclist fatalities in Chicago, and all six involved commercial vehicles. In New York City, drivers […]