Today’s Headlines

  • Toronto Leaders Unveil Enormous Transit Expansion Package (
  • Gizmodo: “Streetcars Are the Great Urban Gimmick of Our Time”
  • CityLab on Kansas City’s “Great Microtransit Experiment”
  • Santa Barbara Businesses Challenging Bike Lane Under CA Environmental Regulations (Independent)
  • Nashville Area Mayors Approve $1.2 Billion for Transit Over 25 Years (Nashville Business Journal)
  • Detroit Sprawl King: “One Man’s Sprawl Is Another Man’s Economic Development” (WDET)
  • Detroit Inner-Ring Suburb Royal Oak to Discuss Legal Challenge to I-75 Expansion (Oakland Express)
  • FRA Head Urges State DOTs to Study Rail Crossings (
  • Some Ports Disappointed With Obama’s Transportation Budget Proposal (
  • San Diego Breaks Ground on $131 Million, 21-mile Bus Route (Times of San Diego)


Detroit's Sprawl King: Transit Expansion Plan Would Be a "Job Killer"

We’ve been following Detroit’s efforts to remake itself as a less car-dependent, more sustainable city, with great interest. There seems to be a growing understanding in the Motor City that bikeability, walkability and improved transit service are imperative to remake the economy and reverse the city’s infamous urban decay. So much so that private investors […]

Today’s Headlines

Shuster’s Brought in a Lot of Campaign Cash as Transpo Chair (Politico) Brookings: Downtowns Weathered the Recession Better Than the Burbs (Next City) … But Job Sprawl Was High in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Lee County, FL UN Report: Sustainable City Infrastructures Promote Economic Growth Twin Cities Transit Expansion = Jobs (Star Tribune) GGW on Why Portland’s […]

Can the Feds Fix Detroit’s Uniquely Terrible Transit System?

There is no better evidence of the sharp social divisions that continue to haunt metro Detroit than the appalling state of its transit system. When it comes to public transportation, residents of the city of Detroit and suburbanites live in a state of government sanctioned apartheid. They ride fully separate systems, with fully separate sets […]

Today’s Headlines

Beware the Trump Infrastructure Plan (New Republic) The Guy in Charge of Transportation for Trump’s Transition Team Is an Industry Lobbyist (NYT) What the New White House Means for MD’s Purple Line (WaPo) Re-elected Miami Mayor Wants Bold Transit Expansion (Miami Herald) Meet the People Who Mobilized to Defeat Metro Detroit Transit Plan (Michigan CapCon) Chicago Races for Red Line Funds Before […]