Today’s Headlines

  • House Cuts to Transit, Amtrak Not Deep Enough for Heritage (The Hill)
  • … These Are the Republicans Who Fought Against Those Cuts (The Hill)
  • Bill Shuster: We Can Pass a Long-Term Transpo Bill This Year If We Lower Corporate Taxes (WABE)
  • State DOTs Rebuffed For Using Wildly Inflated Traffic Forecasts to Justify New Highways (Vox)
  • Gillibrand Wants to Restore Federal Funding for Local Bridges (LandLine)
  • Southern California HSR Opponents Fear Tracks Would Divide Communities (Daily News)
  • Toronto’s Chief Planner Wants to Tear Down the Gardiner Expressway — Here’s Why (CityLab)
  • LADOT’s Seleta Reynolds: City Planners Need to Partner Better With Communities (Crosscut)
  • “Our Charming Downtown Is Turning Into a Bike Parking Lot” — And They’re Charging For It (MarinScope)
  • Driverless Cars a Mere 5-10 Years Away? Don’t Believe It (Crikey)
  • Advice on Biking With Your Kid, From a Car-Free Parent (Chicago Mag)
  • Bolwerk

    Once driverless cars are a reality, all the freedom car culture has eroded will come roaring back. True fact!


Today’s Headlines

Five-Year $305 Billion Transportation Bill Emerges From Conference Committee (The Hill) 14 Percent of LA County Is Dedicated to Parking (Curbed) Highlights From #BlackFridayParking (Strong Towns) Providence Residents Want Boulevard to Replace Highway (Providence Journal) Last-Minute Change Spares Big Cuts to New Jersey Transit ( Google Patents Technology for Self-Driving Cars Interacting With Pedestrians (Tech Crunch) […]

You Count on Streetsblog. We’re Counting on You, Too.

Things are about to get crazy in the transportation arena here in D.C. Some would say things are already pretty crazy. But just wait: We’ve got a monumental fight over the debt ceiling coming up and with it, a Republican push for massive budget cuts that will make the last round look like a mere […]

Obama Administration Working on Its Own Six-Year Transportation Bill

The annual powwow of thousands of transportation workers, planners, and wonks that’s known as the Transportation Research Board (TRB) conference kicked off in the capital yesterday with a candid admission from some senior U.S. DOT officials: reorienting American transport planning to accommodate the overlap with housing and environmental sustainability is proving pretty difficult. U.S. DOT […]

Today’s Headlines

Mica to Propose $230 Billion Six-Year Bill, Rejects Senate Call For a Two-Year Bill (The Hill, WSJ) GOP Proposal Would Strengthen State Infrastructure Banks, Not Build a National One (Reuters) Let’s Make This Transpo Bill an Effective Climate Law (American Prospect, Switchboard) GOP Would Rather See a Bridge Fall On Your Head Than Pass a […]

Senate Climate Bill Would Send $6B-Plus to Cleaner Transportation

Transportation would receive more than $6 billion of the revenue generated by selling carbon emissions permits to fuel providers under a new Senate climate bill introduced today by Sens. John Kerry (D-MA) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT). Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), left, Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), center, and John Kerry (D-MA), right, began their climate talks in […]