Today’s Headlines

  • Smart Growth Champion Brian Schatz Wins Close Senate Primary (NYT)
  • NJ Record: Christie Needs to Redeem ARC Tunnel Decision With Action
  • Toronto Sun and Star Examine the True Costs of Congestion and Transit
  • Still No Opening Date for Silver Spring’s Delayed Transit Center (WaPo)
  • How Fast Do We Really Want Trains to Go? (BBC)
  • Referendum in Helena, Montana, Would Fund Non-Motorized Transpo (Independent Record)
  • How Bluffton, South Carolina, Became a Smart Growth Innovator (Post and Courier)
  • New Urbanism Tries to Rekindle Community in the Suburbs (Salon)
  • A Look at the Laws and Etiquette Regarding Bicycles on the Sidewalk (Sac Bee)
  • Just One Cyclist Complaint Got This Property Owner to Stop Cutting Locks (National PostStar)
  • The Obamas Go Biking on Vacation (Cape Cod Times)
  • Bolwerk

    FYI, that Toronto Sun article is an op-ed by a mayoral candidate hoping to unseat Rob Ford, and probably does not reflect the paper’s position.


Today’s Headlines

Mica Promises “Full Review” of Selection Process for TIGER, Rail Grants (Reuters) NJ Ordered to Reimburse Feds for ARC Tunnel Work to the Tune of $271 Million ( Could Amtrak Save the Tunnel That Gov. Christie Killed? (Star-Ledger) Wisconsin Governor Explains His Stop-and-Go Actions on Rail (Transpo Nation) Who Wants the Federal Rail Money Wisconsin […]

Today’s Headlines

Despite Shuster’s Rejection, Stakeholders Keep Pushing for Gas Tax Hike (Bloomberg, The Hill) Congressional Investigation on Rail Safety Begins Today (Prairie Business) Indiana House Committee Votes 11-1 to Fund Transit (Star) Midwest Dominates EPA Smart Growth Awards (American City & Country) Anti-Gentrification Activists in San Francisco Seattle Protest Google Microsoft Bus (Atlantic Cities) Active Trans […]

Today’s Headlines

WaPo Fleshes Out Anthony Foxx’s Profile NRDC Switchboard: How Can Smart Growth Get Smarter? (And a Reaction From Treehugger) LaHood: Houston’s Gotta “Get Its Act Together” on Transit (Houston Chron) For Sixth Year, Washington is No. 1 “Bike-Friendly State” (The Olympian, USA Today) Why Did Indiana Plunge in the Bike Rankings? (Indy Star) Pittsburgh Busways Get International […]

Study: 10% More Smart Growth = 20% Less Driving

A professor at San Francisco State University recently developed an econometric model to study how smart growth affects travel behavior. His finding: quite a bit. Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay measured the impact of certain smart growth indicators on 18 metro areas across the U.S. He found that a 10 percent increase in smart growth amenities — […]

Make Smart Growth Affordable by Building More of It

Today on the Streetsblog Network, we’re looking at a post from Kaid Benfield on NRDC Switchboard about smart growth and how to make it more affordable. The answer, in a nutshell, is to build more of it — and the market tells us the demand is there. Benfield writes about a recent paper by Todd […]