Talking Headways Podcast: Poor Door Von Spreckelsen

podcast icon logoIn this week’s podcast, Jeff and I take on the infamous New York City “poor door,” designed to keep tenants of affordable units segregated from the wealthy residents that occupy the rest of the high-rise at 40 Riverside. In the process, we take on the assumptions and methods that cities use to provide housing, and by the time we’re done, we’ve blown a hole in the whole capitalist system.

Then we investigate the reasons behind the assertion that “restaurants really can determine the fate of cities and neighborhoods.” We determine that food is mostly a proxy for other needs people have related to where they live, but we do love a good pupusa.

And finally, we wrestle with the paradox that if we love nature, we should live in cities.

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  • Justin

    Jeff’s constant use of “Von Spreckelsen” was just so lol. I could not get enough of it. I just kept laughing each time he mentioned it, just sounded and seemed sooo funny, ahh Von Spreckelson! xD

  • C Monroe

    Her lottery winning for low income housing is exactly what the Chicago HUD office has as a program. It is giving vouchers to low income residents to live in ultra luxury Lake Shore apartments. This hurts the image of HUDs whole low income program. Why should a middle class working person help a lower income working class to be able to live in a apartment that the middle class person could only dream of?