Today’s Headlines

  • A Day After an Oil Tanker Sets River on Fire, Coal Train Derails (WaPoBaltimore Sun)
  • Bike League Gets Behind New Bill on Safety Transparency in Driverless Cars
  • Cincinnati Will Get Its Bike Lane (Business Courier)
  • Already Two Years Behind Schedule, Silver Spring Transit Center Faces More Problems (Sentinel)
  • Houston Continues to Develop Around Scattered Employment Centers (Chron)
  • Another Streetcar Runs Up Against City Council Opposition, This Time in Salt Lake City (Tribune)
  • Connecticut Collects $15 Million to Spur Transit-Oriented Development (Courant)
  • 8 Awe-Inspiring Mass Transit Systems That Changed Their Cities (io9)
  • Smart Growth for Conservatives Responds to the Anti-Density Sunlight Argument


House Bill Makes Connection Between Transit Funding and Gas Price Relief

Here’s an alternative to the "Drill Now!" mantra that doesn’t involve ethanol subsidies or depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Earlier this month, Congressman Earl Blumenauer introduced the Transportation and Housing Choices for Gas Price Relief Act [PDF]. Blumenauer’s hometown paper, The Oregonian, calls the measure a "smart bill": The key word in that title is […]

Cutting Transit Means Cutting Independence

Today on the Streetsblog Network, a post from member blog VTA Watch, which covers the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority in California. The blog’s author discusses the impact of upcoming service cuts on the people whose mobility, and ability to participate meaningfully in their communities, depends on public transit. The post also goes on to […]

Simple, Creative Ideas to Build a Better Bus Stop

Waiting for the bus can be a pain. To make transit more appealing, nothing beats frequent service, but studies have shown that if you’re going to wait, small improvements like shelters and information about when the next bus is coming can make the wait feel shorter. That was a big impetus behind “Trick Out My Trip,” an […]

State Interference in Nashville BRT Could Have National Implications

Annie Weinstock is the regional director for the U.S. and Africa at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. Last week saw the quiet death of the misguided, Koch brothers-funded Tennessee Senate Bill 2243, which would have effectively banned real bus rapid transit in Tennessee. The Senate’s outrageous overreach, attempting to prohibit transit from using dedicated […]

Today’s Headlines

What a Difference a Year Makes: No Appetite for Transpo Spending Cuts in House (National Journal) The Chicago Delusion: Why This “Global City” Tanked So Hard (City Journal) “Priority One Is Access to Transit”: The TOD Real Estate Premium (Globe and Mail) Highways Vs. Everything Else, Georgia Edition (AJC) Georgia’s Infrastructure Will Pay Dearly to […]