Talking Headways Podcast: California Über Alles

Welcome to our all-California, all-the-time episode of the Talking Headways podcast.

We start with a statewide debate over whether $60,000+ Teslas should qualify for tax breaks — or whether any electric vehicles should get tax breaks. Then on to the conversation about how California’s cap-and-trade dollars should be spent. One proposal, from the State Senate leader, would spend it on affordable housing, sustainable communities, transit, and high-speed rail. And then we zoom in on Fresno, where one blogger wonders why the political threat to BRT didn’t get as much attention as it did in Nashville.

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  • simon

    Being German, I find the use of “Über Alles” in the headline absolute distasteful. In case you did not know, it references two stanzas of the Deutschlandlied, Germany’s national anthem, which are deeply linked with national-socialist ideology.

  • thielges

    Yeah, we know the origin. SB is riffing off of the title of a song by the punk band the Dead Kennedys. So maybe you should check out that song and decide for yourself whether the title is distasteful or a jab at California politics. Also worth checking out is the updated version released by The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.