Talking Headways Podcast: The Year Ahead in Transit, With Yonah Freemark

Readers, rejoice! Perhaps you feared that you would never get to sit in on nearly an hour of transit talk between world-renowned brainiac straphangers Jeff Wood and Yonah Freemark. But ho! Fear no more.

This week, podcast co-host Jeff Wood and I got to chat with The Transport Politic’s Yonah Freemark about the outlook for new transit projects in 2014. Building off Yonah’s thorough (and colorful!) outline of the year’s expected transit expansions, we talked about the projects we were most excited about, including some that have been a long time coming. And we take a look back at what kind of year 2013 was for transit.

This conversation was so good we went over our usual half-hour time slot and riffed for a good 50 minutes. Join the conversation in the comments.

You can also listen or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

  • Jesse

    Great podcast but the title is incorrect. At 8:23 Jeff mentions the Second Avenue subway in New York. Gold star for me!

  • jwinstonsf

    Where is the feed for this podcast? I’d love to subscribe.

    Edit: Ok, found it on the Libsyn site. Its

    This, along with the Itunes link needs to be posted with each blog post so people can subscribe!

  • BruceMcF

    Where is the podcast part of the podcast? I don’t see an mp3 or link to a podcast anywise, just the intro text and a “streetsblog” graphic where the podcast used to be.

  • BruceMcF

    Aha, now on my computer and there it is. Y’all really need a link to an mp3, or a Stitcher feed, or something for people who are not inside Apple’s closed garden. The first two episodes were accessible on my Android tablet, but after as far as I can tell its laptop only, which is not how I usually listen to podcasts.

  • Martin Ellinger

    Can you get this podcast added to Stitcher? I think it’s pretty easy to set up.


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