Talking Headways: The Streetsblog Podcast, Episode 2

Welcome to the second edition of the new Streetsblog podcast, which we’re calling Talking Headways. Reconnecting America’s Jeff Wood and I return as your hosts, talking about everything from bicycle carnage to Texas sprawl, and from misguided transportation priorities in Tennessee — one place that ought to know better — to motorcycle-riding assassains in Bogotá. (With a brief, emotional interlude about Gabe Klein leaving Chicago.) And then we go to our happy place.

Come with us, won’t you? And don’t forget to let us know what you think and participate in the conversation in the comments section.

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  • Ryan Wallace

    Any chance the podcast will be provided via standard feeds (RSS)?? This way it can be subscribed with numerous various apps. Thanks!

  • You can use the SoundCloud app for Android and iOS.

  • Ryan Wallace

    Yes, but that would be the only podcast I listen to there (which I will gladly do until feed is updated). Much easier to just add feed to standard podcast app…which would also allow more people to listen to the Streetsblog goodness.

  • halbur

    I second the motion. I subscribe to all my podcasts through iTunes, and I think most people do. I’d be happy to help you guys set up a feed, if that’s what’s standing in your way.

  • Any idea when it’s going to show up on iTunes? My iPod is too old to install any apps on it (iOS 3.1.3 — it’s a 1st Gen iTouch), so I can only use the ones it ‘came with,’ which means iTunes.

  • I hear you, and I promise I’ll prioritize it. I know it’s not complicated but I haven’t figured it out yet. If anyone out there can walk me through it I’d be eternally grateful. Otherwise, I promise I’ll make it happen before the next podcast comes out. Thanks for demanding it! It’s nice to know you want it!


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