Today’s Headlines

  • Examiner: What Are Romney’s Plans for Transpo Policy?
  • Virginia Railway Fares Could Spike With Loss of State Funds (WaPo)
  • Train Hits 111 MPH in Illinois Test Run; Sun Times is Underwhelmed
  • How Breaking Records Has Become a Broken Record for Amtrak (Atlantic Cities)
  • Chicago Aldermen Want Input on Bike Lanes (Tribune)
  • Baton Rouge Transit Officials May Have to Renege on Election Promises (AP)
  • UCLA Expert: BRT’s the Better Investment for Honolulu (KITV)
  • Pennsylvania Region Talks About Consolidating Transit to Get More Aid (Times Leader)
  • Copenhagen Shelves Congestion Pricing For Now (Road Pricing)
  • Skeptics Ask: Why Does Kansas City Need Streetcars When It Has Buses? (The Star)


Queens Chamber Continues Campaign Against Congestion Pricing

Foes of congestion pricing marshalled by the Queens Chamber of Commerce held a press conference yesterday at which several politicians from the borough took a stand against the mayor’s plan. According to a press release provided by the chamber, City Council Finance Chair David Weprin called the proposal unnecessary: "I don’t think City Hall understands […]

Krugman: Costs of Driving Deserve Way More Attention

Two of the nation’s leading lefty commentators weighed in on transportation incentives last Friday, when both economist Paul Krugman at the New York Times and Matt Yglesias at Slate went on a congestion pricing kick. Krugman kicked things off by remarking that the surest way to reduce the costs imposed on society by drivers is […]

Today’s Headlines

How Does Expanded TIFIA Change the Field for Local Transit Projects? (Next American City) Tyson’s Corner Developers Could Fund $2B-Plus in Transpo Improvements (WaPo, Transpo Nation) Atlantic Cities Looks at Bike-share Stations of the Future Opposition to Congestion Pricing Has Different Flavor in South America (This Big City) Advocates Continue Push for Tappan Zee Transit […]