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  • Fbfree

    That gas tax revenue the Maple Ridge News reports on is not a surplus.  It’s a federal gas tax transfer that has been held up since the funding rules for it were changed.  Translink today is in fact cash strapped and unable to expand service where it is desperately needed.


LaHood’s Twelve-Word Definition of ‘Livability’

The White House’s effort to promote sustainable communities has prompted serious (and inadvertently humorous) hand-wringing from conservative pundits who fear the concept of livability will translate into governmental edicts on lifestyle choices. What’s the best way to counter such tactics? Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (Photo: The administration’s approach, it seems, is to define its […]

The 2012 Capitol Hill Streetsies, Part 1

Happy Holidays, Streetsblog readers! I hope this missive finds you stuffed silly with sugar cookies. You know, you just can’t wrap your head around what a bizarre year 2012 was for federal transportation policy until you put it all together in something like the Streetsies. So it’s a good thing we have the Streetsies to […]

In Iowa, GOP Candidates Ignore Transportation and Urban Issues

With all eyes on today’s Iowa caucuses, it’s worth noting that this year’s vocal crop of GOP candidates has been mostly silent on the subject of transportation and urban issues in general. A common theme across most candidates’ platforms is the elimination of federal programs in favor of state ones, and incentives (read: tax cuts) for […]