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  • Judge: Wisconsin Violated Civil Rights By Favoring Road-Building Over Transit (Journal Sentinel)
  • LA Mayor Villaraigosa Wants to Continue Transit Tax Until 2069 (Transport Politic)
  • Penn Designers Recommend HSR Tunnel Under Long Island Sound (Hartford Courant)
  • Car-Saturated Mexico City Turns to Bike-Share (ZeeNews)
  • Despite T-SPLOST Defeat, Transit Governance Reform Can Go Forward (Creative Loafing)
  • Extremist Republican Transpo Platform Doesn’t Matter (TID)
  • Facebook Spurns Urbanity In Self-Contained Bubble HQ (New Republic)
  • If Bike-Share Can Succeed in Fairbanks, Alaska (Average Temp: 27F) It Can Succeed Anywhere (WJTV)
  • BRT As a Band-Aid When a Suture Is Needed (Atlantic Cities)
  • The Safer You Make the Roadway, the More Unsafely People Drive (Ped Observations)
  • Jeffrey J. Early

    Fairbanks is relatively flat and dry—and also has a nice network of separated bike lanes. Seattle, by contrast, has steep hills and and can rain for weeks at a time. On top of that, the bike network consists mostly of shared roadways with sharrows.

    In my opinion, the challenges of a shared bike program in Fairbanks pale in comparison to the challenges of a shared bike program in Seattle.


Two Very Different Ways Bike-Share Benefits Transit

A new survey [PDF] by researchers at UC Berkeley and published in Access Magazine sheds light on how bike-share systems interact with transit. Researchers Susan Shaheen and Elliot Martin surveyed more than 10,000 bike-share riders in Montreal, Toronto, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and Washington, DC. Like previous surveys have shown, Shaheen and Martin found that a significant number of bike-share users reduce car use. But their […]

Today’s Headlines

Transit-Free Tappan Zee Bridge Awarded Largest TIFIA Loan in History (WSJ) Newest U.S. Senator, Newark’s Cory Booker, Joins Two Key Transpo Committees (The Hill, EPW) You Really Thought This Congress Was Going to Agree to a Grand Bargain on the Budget? (WaPo) U.S. Treasury Lost $10 Billion on Auto Bailout (Motley Fool) Wherever You Are […]

Today’s Headlines

AAA Projected More Driving This Labor Day Weekend (The Hill) New FTA Guidance Incentivizes Affordable Housing Near Transit (Rooflines) Arlington, Texas, Loses Distinction of Biggest U.S. City Without Transit (Wired) Infographic: “Pushing a Ton of Metal to Move 200 Lbs. of Flesh is Insanely Inefficient” (Treehugger) How Bike-Share Can Close Cycling’s Gender Gap (Good) Come […]