Today’s Headlines

  • DC to NY in 94 Minutes? Maglev Lobbyists Say They Can Do It in 60. (WaPo)
  • Do NEC Improvements Have to Be So Expensive? (WaPo)
  • Obama: MAP-21 Means No More Layoffs. (But What About The 1M New Jobs Promised?) (The Hill)
  • CBO and Brookings Take a Look At What An Infrastructure Bank Would Do, If It’s Ever Created
  • If You Care About Smart Growth, Stop Talking About Smart Growth (USA Today)
  • London Tells Olympic-Going Cyclists to Sit in Traffic (ETA)
  • Eco-Nonprofit Idea of Good Infrastructure Isn’t the Same as Industry’s (NRDC)
  • Re-imagining Obsolete Gas Stations (50,000 So Far) (Atlantic Cities, NYT)
  • Cars Kill Us, Make Us Fat Says British Report (TreeHugger)
  • fj

    Curious why maglev using permanent magnets formig halbach arrays is not considered to be a serious low-cost option as developed by the American company General Atomics under US contracts and secured by US patents.


William Fulton on Why Smart Growth Pays and Sprawl Decays

Earlier this week, Smart Growth America released an important study that illustrates how walkable development results in huge savings and significantly better returns for municipalities compared to car-centric development. The analysis of 17 case studies found that walkable, mixed-use development produces 10 times more local tax revenue per acre than sprawl. In addition, SGA found […]

Today’s Headlines

Purple toll lanes, overhead lane-use control signs, and more crosswalk time for pedestrians are all coming soon to a road near you, as the U.S. DOT makes its first update in six years to the nation’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (UPI) Did one affordable-housing nonprofit in New York City really get $156 million […]