Today’s Headlines

  • TSTC: “Dirty” Transportation Extension Is Not the Right Path
  • Boxer Urges Colleagues to Appoint Conferees as Soon as Rules Allow (Hill)
  • Follow-up to 4-Part Series on Walking: Why Don’t Conservatives Walk? (Slate)
  • LaHood: “No Bill This Year,” But at Least Drivers Are Safer (Politico)
  • Five Cities Could Save Over $1k/Month/Person by Switching to Transit (Transpo Nation)
  • What’s the Better Way to Build Transit Ridership? Effectiveness or Fun? (Trans. Issues Daily)
  • Senate Budget Committee Includes Fifth Round of TIGER Grants for 2013 (T4America)
  • Canadian College Students Build Bicycle Crash Test Dummy (Treehugger)


The Problem With Park-and-Rides

There it is, at your typical American suburban transit stop: a parking lot — a free one, probably. The intent of park-and-ride service is to enable people who live in car-centric places to take transit to work. But Ben Schiendelman at Seattle Transit Blog has been thinking it over, and he doesn’t believe park-and-rides are such […]

Streetfilms: Bill Lind, a Conservative Voice for Transit

At last month’s Rail-Volution conference in Boston, Streetfilms was able to grab a few moments with William Lind, a politically conservative transit advocate. Lind aims to provide "liberal transit advocates" the language to build support for public transportation (okay, just rail) in terms that conservatives can relate to. Some of Lind’s arguments don’t reflect our […]

Leaders Need to Lead on Transit Funding

Today on Streetsblog Network member Greater Greater Washington, David Alpert asks the multimillion-dollar question: Why do so many politicians always say we have to "do something" about traffic, but not about transit? Alpert is referring to his recent discussions with elected officials in the D.C. area about how to address the long-term transportation and economic […]

A New Governor for Washington, a New Day for Transit in Seattle?

Tuesday night’s election was so big and wide-ranging, we’re still sorting through the implications for transit, biking, and walking around the country. One potential big winner is Seattle. On Tuesday voters in the state of Washington elected a new governor, Jay Inslee. While Inslee didn’t say much specifically about transit on the campaign trail, Ben […]

Today’s Headlines

Albuquerque City Council Approves BRT Project Over Anti-Transit Objections (ABQ Journal) NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Approves $40M to Tear Down Waterfront Highway in Niagara Falls (Buffalo News) FTA Inspectors Found Nearly 200 Safety Defects in D.C.’s Metro System (WAMU) Officials in Alabama File Civil Rights Suit Over Transit Cuts in Mobile (WPMI) New Transit Tunnel Linking New Jersey and New York […]