Today’s Headlines

  • Politico: Mica’s Transportation Bill All About Stoking the Republican Base
  • League of American Bicyclists Issues Call to Action as GOP Tries to Cut All Major Bike Programs
  • CBO: Expect the Highway Trust Fund to Run Out Just in Time for November Election (BusinessWeek)
  • GOP Sen. Inhofe Opposes Tying Keystone to Transportation Bill (Hill)
  • LaHood Announces Fourth Round of Funding for TIGER Grants (DOT)
  • Distracted Driving Still “In”: NHTSA Finds Most Drivers Still Using Their Phones (TransportGooru)
  • Maryland Needs a Gas Tax Increase to Fund Basic Transportation Needs (WaPo, Baltimore Sun)
  • Bill Requiring Drivers to Use Care Not to Hit People Fails in Virginia (FABB)
  • Facebook Sets the Model for Employer-Driven Bike Facilities (Cyclelicious)
  • A Brief Guide to Traffic Jam Economics (NYTimes)
  • You Can Design This Place: Empowering Young Minorities to Shape Their Cities (Grist)


Six Lies the GOP Is Telling About the House Transportation Bill

The transportation-plus-drilling bill that John Boehner and company are trying to ram through the House is an attack on transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists, city dwellers, and every American who can’t afford to drive everywhere. Under this bill, all the dedicated federal funding streams for transit, biking, and walking would disappear, leading to widespread service cuts […]

House Attack on Safe Streets Makes Transpo Bill Ever More Elusive

We reported last week that the House had proposed allowing states to “opt out” of funding bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements in its counter-offer to the Senate during transportation bill negotiations. The House GOP essentially wants to reject the Cardin-Cochran amendment, which gave local governments control over half the “Additional Activities” funding set aside for […]

For House GOP, Safer Streets Are the New “Bridge to Nowhere”

Funding to make biking and walking safer has taken something of a beating in both the House and Senate transportation bills. The fate of the most significant federal bike-ped programs — Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements, and Recreational Trails — is still very much in doubt. Under the Senate bill, passed Wednesday, local agencies would at […]

1,000 Days With No Transpo Bill. How Much Longer Will the Wait Last?

Conference negotiations are continuing, Congressional staffers are getting no sleep, legislators could even lose their weekend if they don’t get this transportation bill done. Politico noted this morning a key fact that seems to be flying under the radar: the deadline isn’t really Saturday. It’s actually today, if House members are to have the requisite […]

States Already Licking Their Chops Over Newly “Flexible” Bike/Ped Funds

Just days after Congress passed a bill allowing states to spend funds supposedly designated for biking and walking on completely unrelated projects, transportation officials are already circling like vultures over that money. An AP story from Covington, Kentucky on Sunday quotes several transportation officials and executives parroting the GOP line that transportation enhancements funding, as that […]