Today’s Headlines

  • Threat of Rail Strike Still Alive As Talks Falter, House GOP Wants to Intervene (WSJJournal Star)
  • We Haven’t Seen the Death of the Congressional Earmark Just Yet (WaPo)
  • Private Investors’ Demand For Profit Pushed Transit Off the Tappan Zee Bridge (Nyack News & Views)
  • World Bank Leader Explains How He Learned to Stop Worrying and Love PPPs (HuffPo)
  • Raquel Nelson‘s Re-Trial Postponed As Judge Refuses to Drop Remaining Charges (Ledger-Enquirer)
  • Urban Freeways “Don’t Work Like They’re Supposed To” — So Tear Them Down (Salon)
  • How the Crackdown on Occupy LA Affected Transportation (LA Streetsblog)
  • Amtrak Had a Holiday Weekend to Be Thankful For (Railroad.Net)
  • Why Are There Fewer Pedestrian Malls Than There Used to Be? (Governing)
  • Michigan Considers Letting Everyone Pay For Transportation Infrastructure, Not Just Users (MLive)


Today’s Headlines

More Coverage of Trump’s Transportation Secretary Pick, Elaine Chao (NYT, NPR, WaPo) The Takeaway Explains Why Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Could Be Just a Tax Cut for the Rich How Will Obama’s Desegregation Efforts Fare Under Trump? (The Atlantic) Pricetag on LA Carpool Lane Rises to $1.6 Billion — Traffic Still Hasn’t Improved (LA Times) Carmel Indiana Now Has 100 Traffic Circles […]

Senate Transportation Bill, MAP-21, Freezes Spending at Current Levels

Note: See follow-up post, “Boxer: Transpo Funding Will Rise in Senate Bill, Bike/Ped Will Be Preserved” for updates, including clarification that the new bill will fund transportation at current levels plus inflation and an expanded TIFIA program. The Environment and Public Works Committee just released an outline of some core principles of its transportation reauthorization […]

Transit and Rail Likely to Take a Hit in Budget Compromise

It’s tempting, following a political standoff like the one that took place last week in Washington, to tally up some rough approximation of “points scored,” and declare one party the winner. After the federal government narrowly avoided shutdown, observers were doing just that. Was it Speaker John Boehner and conservatives in the House, securing dramatic […]

Today’s Headlines

FHWA Publishes State VMT and Highway Info, Showing Just How Much California Drives Transportation Committee Learns to Live Without Earmarks — But Doesn’t Like It (National Journal) Is the Mainstream Media Incapable of Doing Decent Coverage of Traffic Enforcement? (Streetsblog LA) Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About the Costs of Transit Congestion? (Business Vancouver) After All […]

The Promise of Tech-Enabled “Microtransit”

The enormous commercial success of startups like Uber and Lyft is just the beginning of how transportation services can be enhanced by mobile technology, writes Lisa Nisenson at Strong Towns. There’s a whole range of needs that a new generation of transit services can meet, lessening dependence on private cars. In between ride-hailing services like Uber and […]

Marketing Bike Boulevards to Non-Bikers

Today from Biking in LA, some thoughts on how to sell the idea of bicycle boulevards to non-cycling homeowners: Wouldn’t this street look nicer as a bike boulevard? The simple fact is, not many people want a bike boulevard on their street. At least, not until they understand what it actually means. And that’s our […]