Today’s Headlines

  • Redevelopment Around Cleveland’s Healthline BRT Proving Skeptics Wrong (NYT)
  • Some States Propose Gas Tax Increase, NC Wants to Lower It (Landline)
  • Study: Majority of Washington State Residents Support More Money for Transportation (Publicola)
  • Helmet Share Helps Expand Bike Share Programs (TreeHugger)
  • New Jersey Aims to Increase Transit Use to Special Events in New Bill (Paramus Post)
  • Sprawling Walmarts Leave Vast Empty Lots in Their Wake, Spur Climate Change (Grist)
  • Rebuilding Post-Hurricane Galveston With Sustainability in Mind (NRDC)
  • California Lawmakers Lose Their Government Cars, But Will Still Get to Bill for Gas (SacBee)
  • Yakima, WA Resident: “This City’s Infrastructure Is Crumbling Around Us” (KIMATV)
  • Promoting Safety Tips for Pedestrians With Haiku in NYC (DNAInfo)


Night of the Living Highway Extension

Tacoma resident Evan Siroky got a rude reminder of what’s in Washington State DOT’s project pipeline yesterday, reading in the local paper that officials are looking to revive plans to extend state route 167 as a limited access highway. The new highway segment would reach the Port of Tacoma, and Siroky writes on member blog […]

Arizonans Driving Like It’s 1994

Here’s more evidence that there’s a shift underway in how Americans get around: The Arizona Public Interest Research Group has released a new report [PDF] showing that residents of this sprawling Sun Belt state are driving less and taking transit more. Between 2005 and 2012, the average number of miles driven by each Arizona resident […]

New Jersey Runs Out of Transportation Money, Christie Halts All Projects

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered all transportation construction in the state to be halted today after the state’s Transportation Trust Fund went bankrupt last night. Despite Christie’s attempts to point fingers, he really has no one to blame but himself. After the State Senate shot down a belated effort to raise New Jersey’s gas tax last night, Christie blamed Democrats […]

Today’s Headlines

More Climate Bill Postmortem (Politico, Washington Post) Will Environmentalists Regroup Around a Carbon Fee Instead of a Carbon Cap? (The Nation) Meanwhile, Meet the "Energy Bill" (NYT, Atlantic)  Oil Spill: Less Catastrophic Than We All Thought? (Time) Defazio: Crumbling U.S. Transportation System Worthy of "Fourth World" Label (The Trucker)  Real Estate Booms and Busts Could […]