Today’s Headlines

  • Funding Rejected by GOP Governors Keeps Obama’s HSR Plans on Track (Hill)
  • LaHood: Passage of Transportation Bill Critical to Job Creation (Journal Star)
  • DOT Bans Use of Hand-Held Devices for Commercial Drivers (Landline)
  • Reviving the Urbanized, Habitable Bridge (Next American City)
  • Would Fewer But Heavier Trucks Be Safer and More Fuel Efficient? (FOX)
  • The Hummer Returns!? Could Obama’s Fuel Standards Bring Back the SUV? (TreeHugger)
  • The Fringe Suburb is Dead (NYTimes)
  • Looking Back on 2011 for Bikes Makes Grist Wheely Wheely Thankful
  • Study: Answer to California’s Energy Crisis is Easy! E-Cars and More Power Plants! (Cyclelicious)
  • Innovative Polish Subway Trains Recycle Kinetic Energy (Earth & Industry)
  • Put to a Vote, Controversial $5.5 Billion Rail Project Wins in Germany (BostonGlobe)
  • Anonymous

    Regarding heavier trucks (which is only a way to reduce the number of Teamsters with a job): We already have heavy trucks, only we call them trains.
    Also, where do you think potholes come from?  Overloaded trucks.


Not a Word About Transit in Obama Jobs Plan

President Obama released a blueprint for his second term yesterday, a 20-page booklet focused on job creation [PDF]. Let’s be clear: This came from his campaign machine, not the White House. In the booklet, called “The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan For Jobs and Middle-Class Security,” Obama touts his success at keeping the American auto […]

Steven Chu Forced to Recant Belief in Higher Gas Prices

The indignities are piling up for Steven Chu, the Nobel laureate Secretary of Energy whom environmentalists applauded as one of Obama’s best cabinet picks. His security detail won’t let the lifelong cyclist bike to work. And on Earth Day, he fielded questions like this one (via Talking Points Memo) during a House hearing on the […]

Study: Clean-Car Subsidies Alone Can’t Meet White House’s Climate Goals

Government subsidies for hybrid and electric cars, while "politically seductive," will fail to achieve the Obama administration’s national pollution-reduction goals if they are not coupled with a significant increase in fuel prices, according to a new study by Harvard University researchers. (Photo: Pop and Politics) The team at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International […]

Billionaire Oil Driller Serving as Romney Energy Advisor

When it comes to transportation and energy policy, it’s tough to tell exactly where Mitt Romney stands, but there’s a lot to be learned by watching whom he’s keeping close. Yesterday we covered how his VP choice, Paul Ryan, looks to be a policy disaster for sustainable transportation. Ryan indicated in his attention-grabbing but largely […]