Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Receives Support for American Jobs Act in Minneapolis (Kare, Finance-Commerce)
  • Transit Activists Push Back as House Proposes Cutting Transit Funding by a Third (Hill)
  • Infrastructure Bank Would Bring More Private Money Into Public Works Projects (WaPo)
  • Metro Atlanta Residents Face 25 Percent Fare Hikes (AJC)
  • Utah Farmers Fight Sprawl: ‘Don’t Let Last Crop on Farm Land Be a House’ (KSL)
  • Virginia Gets Closer to Tolling I-95 (TruckingInfo)
  • Bill Would Allow San Francisco Transit to Bar Entry to Repeat Law Breakers, Protesters (Mercury)
  • Politicians See 2012 as a Critical Year for Raising Maryland Gas Tax (Baltimore Sun)
  • Portland Ranks 12th in Copenhagenize‘s First List of Best Cities for Bicycling (BikePortland)


Rangel: House GOP Has No Idea Where Transit Funding Would Come From

Today at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, four members of New York’s congressional delegation joined the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in decrying House GOP efforts to drastically alter how the federal government supports transit in cities. Under the House’s plan, instead of receiving a roughly 20 percent cut of the federal gas tax, […]

In Obama Budget, a Glimpse of What Beefed-Up Transit Funding Could Do

The budget proposal released by President Obama yesterday fleshes out the transportation ideas put out by the White House last week and includes specific grants for transit upgrades and expansions in 2015, but many of them won’t be part of this budget unless Congress agrees to increase funding for transportation. The White House budget proposes $17.6 billion […]

House GOP Moves to Decimate Dedicated Transit Funding

In a move that should dispel any remaining thoughts that the House transportation bill [PDF] will ever be signed into law, the Ways and Means Committee announced today that they will try to forbid gas tax revenue from funding transit. The Ways & Means bill [PDF] would funnel all gas tax revenue toward road programs, […]

House Transpo Bill Turns Communities Into Collateral Damage

There’s been a lot of analysis and explanation of how bad the House transportation bill is from a policy standpoint. This proposal takes sound transportation policy, covers it with oil, sets it on fire, and then dances on the ashes. It’s also important to remember this transportation bill would make life worse for millions of […]