Good News and Bad News: Obama’s Plan Would Work, But GOP Won’t Pass It

This morning brought some useful indicators about the outlook for President Obama’s jobs bill. Good news first: Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, says President Obama’s job creation plan will likely add 1.9 million jobs, cut the unemployment rate by a percentage point, and grow the economy by 2 percent.

Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics said Obama's plan will create jobs and grow the economy. Photo: ##,26174,2084470,00.html #ixzz1XSu3PiaA##Brendan McDermid / Reuters##

The plan includes $50 billion for infrastructure, with an emphasis on transportation and schools, and the creation of an infrastructure bank capitalized at $10 billion.

House Speaker John Boehner said Obama’s ideas “merit consideration” but Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was less magnanimous. “If government spending were the answer, we`d be in the middle of a boom right now,” McConnell told reporters. “We`ve been on a spending spree over the last two years.”

Republican candidates for president didn’t hesitate to slam Obama’s plan. Rep. Michele Bachmann said everything in the speech had “already been tried and failed before.” Gov. Rick Perry said the true path to jobs was “smaller government, less spending.” And Gov. Jon Huntsman, once an Obama appointee himself, called the speech a “list of regurgitated half-measures [that] demonstrates that President Obama fundamentally doesn’t understand how to turn our economy around.”

Which brings us to the bad news. Despite Moody’s upbeat analysis of the president’s proposal, stocks tumbled this morning. According to Bloomberg, the gloom wasn’t about the merits of the plan but the likelihood of Congressional passage. “Even as President Obama made an effort to put that plan together,” said James Dunigan, chief investment officer in Philadelphia for PNC Wealth Management, “there’s not a whole lot of confidence that Congress will pass [it].”

I guess it’s not enough for an independent financial institution like Moody’s saying it’s a good plan. As long as a Democratic president proposes it, it’s dead in the water to Congressional Republicans.

  • Alex Thompson

    Critical thinking here – do we really believe what Moody’s says after all these years?  And does anyone really have a solid grip on the relationship between various forms of gov’t economic stimulus and job creation?  I think this recession has busted a lot of theories . . . I’m not saying a job stimulus of this type won’t work (though I am very wary of these payroll tax cuts = sets up more Social Security “reform”) but I’m skeptical of anyone who thinks they know how it will affect the economy.

  • Christian Ross

    Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was less magnanimous. “If
    government spending were the answer, we`d be in the middle of a boom
    right now”

    If cutting taxes was the answer, we’d be in the middle of a boom right now too!

  • President Rick Perry will solve everything.  Praise Jesus!

  • INHS

    Don’t be so flippant. That’s God’s son you’re talking about. Jesus, not Perry

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  • this writer is an IDIOT, OBAMA never even gave a jobs bill to congress yet, Another Liar News reporter bought and paid for by OBAMA


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