Today’s Headlines

  • No Budget Deal After White House Summit With Congressional Leaders (WaPo, The Hill)
  • Poll: Traders Expect Oil Prices to Continue Climbing (Reuters)
  • Higher Gas Prices Could Be a Bigger Political Hurdle for Obama Than High Unemployment (LAT)
  • Air Traffic, Amtrak Would Operate During Shutdown (AP, USA Today)
  • Senate Pushes Back GOP Attempt to Gut EPA Climate Regulations (Politico)
  • 24 States Including Wisconsin Line Up for Florida’s HSR Money (Infrastructurist, Fast Lane)
  • ATU Leader at TEN Conference: Obama No Different Than Bush for Transit Riders (Transpo Nation)
  • Must See Growth Maps Illustrate Sprawl (Data Pointed)
  • The Demographics of Cycling Aren’t Much Different Than the Demographics of America (Grist)
  • Transit-Access Attracts Developer-Led Rebuilding of Downtown Quincy, MA (NYT)
  • Maryland Passing Up a Golden Opportunity for TOD and Walkability (Baltimore Sun)
  • Bike Data Wonk? Read This Study (Daily Sightline)


How Good Is the Transit Where You Live? Measure It With AllTransit

Do you have the sense that transit in your city could be a lot better, and you want to show your local elected officials what needs to improve? Look no further: Chicago’s Center for Neighborhood Technology has produced a new tool called AllTransit that assesses the quality of transit down to the neighborhood level. AllTransit lets you evaluate your […]

Today’s Headlines

LaHood roasted with Toyota jokes at off-the-record dinner, featuring tributes from the president and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel (The Hill) Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) makes it clear that she’s on board with L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa’s increasinly popular "30/10" transit plan (LAist) As Obama signs a $20 billion highway trust fund infusion into […]

White House Unveils Transit Safety Bill to Cautious Praise on the Hill

Lawmakers on the House transportation committee today greeted details of the Obama administration’s transit safety plan with approval, but some sounded skeptical notes about the costs of state compliance with new federal rules even as transit agencies cope with billions of dollars in maintenance and repair backlogs. Washington D.C.’s transit safety oversight agency has less […]

Transit Fare Inflation Hitting Health Insurance-Like Levels?

That’s the implication buried in a roundup of dismal news from urban transit agencies that ran in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal. After noting the overall ridership decreases tallied by APTA and the specter of punitive service cuts in many cities, the newspaper noted: Riders of Chicago’s El train, shown above, were spared fare hikes in […]

Today’s Headlines

Obama Urges Action on Highway Trust Fund: “It’s Not Crazy. It’s Not Socialism” (Biz Insider) Foxx Warns That State Funding Will Be Rationed Starting August 1 … (Dallas News) … And Defends Obama for Dragging Feet on Gas Tax (Roll Call) With Holiday Weekend Coming, Gas Prices Reach Six-Year High (The Hill) LaHood Encourages Missouri […]