Talking Headways Podcast: Planning While Black

This week we’re going back to LA Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Tamika Butler's plenary at the NACTO Designing Cities Conference in Seattle. In her presentation, “Planning While Black,” Tamika discusses some of her personal history, issues of diversity and equity, and how cities should include people who haven’t been represented in the planning process.

Today’s Headlines

Ben Carson: Not Qualified to Run HUD (Slate, NYT, Hill) …Doesn’t Rule Out Using HUD Funds to Benefit Trump Organization (NPR) CityLab Reports on Denver’s Terrible I-70 Highway Widening Project Dallas Under Fire for Big Spending on Consultants After It Fails to Replace Bike Czar (Dallas News) Anaheim Streetcar Officially Dead (Voice of the OC) Ohio DOT Wants […]
A crowded 38 bus in San Francisco

Transportation Agencies Will Finally Measure the Movement of People, Not Just Cars

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in the quest for free-flowing vehicular traffic. The result is wider highways, more sprawl, and more people stuck in congestion. But this week U.S. DOT took an important step to change course, releasing new standards to guide how transportation agencies measure their performance. Advocates for transit and walkability say the policy is a significant improvement.