Talking Headways Podcast: Cities on a Hill

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Francis Fitzgerald joins the podcast this week to talk about her 1986 book, Cities on a Hill. We discuss the different “visionary” communities described in the book, including Rajneeshpuram in Oregon, San Francisco’s Castro district, Sun City retirement communities, and Jerry Falwell’s moral majority in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Today’s Headlines

Economists Pan Trump’s Infrastructure Plan as “Ill-Conceived” “Giveaway” (NYT) Americans Don’t Want to Pay for New Roads and Bridges With Tolls (WaPo) Anthony Foxx Considers His Legacy as U.S. DOT Secretary (Governing) Investment Professionals Are Betting on Infrastructure in 2017 (Forbes) First Look at Richmond, Virginia’s Bus Network Redesign Plans (RVA Rapid Transit) 16 Miles of Highway in […]