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Surge in U.S. Traffic Deaths Outpaces Increase in Driving (AP) Trump’s Transportation Team Still Largely Unformed (Detroit News) Chao Tight-Lipped on Future Policies (American Prospect) Pelosi: Dems Won’t Support Tax Break Masked as Infrastructure Deal (The Hill) Feds Warn of Billions of Dollars in Overruns for California High-Speed Rail (LA Times) Foxx’s Last Trip as Transpo Chief: Celebrating His Hometown’s […]

Talking Headways Podcast: Planning While Black

This week we’re going back to LA Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Tamika Butler's plenary at the NACTO Designing Cities Conference in Seattle. In her presentation, “Planning While Black,” Tamika discusses some of her personal history, issues of diversity and equity, and how cities should include people who haven’t been represented in the planning process.