Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Feels Buyer’s Remorse Over Earmark Ban (Politico)
  • House Passes Temporary Extension of Transportation Bill to October 2011 (T4America)
  • Tax Cut Deal Does Not Extend Build America Program (Infrastructurist)
  • Senators Aim to Revive Energy Debate Early in 2011 (The Hill)
  • The Ever Elusive Infrastructure Bank: A Panacea for Transportation Funding? (Transpo Nation)
  • California Rail Authority Hit With Discrimination Lawsuit (Mercury News)
  • The District Loses Bike-Friendly Transportation Director Gabe Klein (WaPoCity Paper)
  • Amtrak Set Ridership Record Over Thanksgiving (Baltimore Sun)
  • Charles Marohn on What Makes a “Strong Town” (Grist)
  • How Much of a Problem Is Drunk Cycling? (BikePortland)


The U.S. Transportation Financing Crisis: A Snapshot From the States

Washington transportation policymaking can often resemble an unwieldy soup of anywhere between 50 and 535 local perspectives, as lawmakers from different states and districts vie for a fixed (or even shrinking) amount of federal funding. Congress isn’t eager to raise fuel taxes to pay for transportation — but what about the states? (Photo: Pop and […]

A Make-or-Break Week for Transportation Begins on the Hill

After weeks of uncertainty and tension, the congressional impasse over long-term transportation funding is headed for resolution this week — but the reprieve may be temporary. A decisive week lies ahead for House transport chairman Jim Oberstar (D-MN). (Photo: Capitol Chatter) When we last left House transportation committee chairman Jim Oberstar (D-MN), he was calling […]

Eno: Stop Obsessing Over the Gas Tax and Change How We Fund Transpo

Twenty years ago, Japan’s electoral reform redistributed power, giving urban constituencies a greater voice. One result: Japan eliminated its version of the Highway Trust Fund, which urban voters saw as satisfying the interests of the construction lobby, not their own. If city-dwellers had a greater voice in the United States, would the same thing happen? […]

Welcome, Ben Goldman!

Happy Holidays, everybody! We hope that you have wonderful and exciting plans to celebrate however you celebrate. Before this week is over we’ll be posting our annual poll for the Streetsies, where you get to vote on the bests, the worsts, the most inspiring, and the most insipid of everything transportation in 2011. Once that’s […]