Today’s Headlines

  • Is the Obama administration really cutting New York's transit security funding? Lawmakers say yes (AP), White House says no (AP)
  • Senate climate bill, backed by capital's biggest transport reform group, could undermine existing clean-air rules (MoJo Blogs)
  • New York could soon see a new Goethals Bridge, built using a public-private partnership (Bloomberg)
  • Chicago Tribune edit board member asks why the nation needs new auto safety legislation
  • Trucking industry predicts 25% freight growth over the next decade (Fleet Owner)
  • As investigations begin into BP's oil spill complicity, GOP lawmakers hold oil industry fundraiser (Think Progress)
  • Virginia state transport officials vow a long-term funding plan will materialize this year (Leesburg Today)
  • Illinois state DOT officials will no longer get the perk of free car rides (Pantagraph)