Today’s Headlines

  • Three senators propose bill forcing BP to pay a higher share of the damages incurred by Gulf Coast oil spill (HuffPost)
  • On-the-ground details from Ohio State University's Moving Ahead transportation conference (Col. Gov. Examiner)
  • An op-ed response to the Gulf spill: Keep drilling, stop driving, use oil wisely (Streetsblog SF)
  • More spill fallout, as the leaking oil imperils community rebuilding in Pass Christian, Mississippi (NRDC Blog)
  • Obama administration quietly rolling out more taxpayer-funded grants to develop electric-car batteries (USAT Blog)
  • As suburbanites grow more and more diverse (like their urban counterparts), their value as swing voters is rising (TNR's The Avenue)
  • Texas state DOT using fuzzy math to divert rail funding to roads (Chronicle)
  • Chicago plans a second bid for federal funding for a local bus rapid transit system (Tribune)