Today’s Headlines

  • New joblessness figures are raising pressure on the White House for job-creation action, with Oberstar still pressing more infrastructure funding as a solution (WSJ)
  • Illinois area lawmakers pitching a rail tourism corridor (Tribune)
  • Is America headed for a canal trolley-boat comeback? (TNR's The Vine)
  • In Washington D.C., every locality wants to play host to Northrup Grumman's new headquarters, and the offered goodies are flying fast and furious (WaPo)
  • Franken pushes for local Minnesota highway project to get stimulus money (Repub-Eagle)
  • Auto industry strutting its stuff this week at annual Detroit auto show, with congressional leaders in tow ... (UPI)
  • ... while Ford's CEO unveils his solution to distracted driving: a device that reads tweets aloud to drivers (