Eyes on the Street: Talk About a Hot Seat


It was a beautiful day for a barbecue in Prospect Park on Saturday, and one Brooklyn cyclist had decided to test out his truly portable grill. We hope he let it cool all the way down before riding home.

Welcome spring.

  • Now that is awesome!

  • That may be the coolest bike accessory i’ve ever seen…kudos to that guy

  • CR

    Great – food coming off this thing should taste both smokey and farty.

  • Finally, someone figures out a way to increase the carbon emissions of a bicycle.

  • Mightn’t that thing cause some tire damage? Gets my vote for best summer bike accessory, though.

  • Larry Littlefield

    If it’s spring, then I only missed biking to work six days during the last winter due to weather. I think it was a colder than average winter too.

  • Actually, Larry, if you got yourself one of those bikebecues, you could light the coals about fifteen minutes before leaving the house, keep the lid closed, and have a nice toasty bike commute. You might be able to cut those six days down to three. And your breakfast would be ready by the time you got to work.

  • Sweet!!! Rusty gears in the noggin churning…


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